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Typical summer drivers in 鶹 Oregon.

With Memorial Day just a week ahead and the 鶹 Oregon weather simply amazing, more drivers unfamiliar with our roads are driving while afflicted by a condition epidemiologists have identified as Oops, I Missed My Turn.

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Oops, I Missed My Turn, is a condition that primarily afflicts tourists, but not exclusively. It can result in three-point turns on busy roads, right turns from the left lane, driving in a bike lane, which you’re never supposed to do, even if you’re making a right-hand turn, and other irksome at best, dangerous at worst, behaviors. Oops, I Missed My Turn is closely related to Move, I’m Late for An Appointment, which causes speeding and other dangerous habits, and I Am the Only Driver Who Matters, the wintertime iteration of which is known as I Drive My Rig Faster When It’s Icy.

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David Jasper is a features reporter and editor born and raised in Miami, Florida. He began his journalism career at the Weekly Planet, an alt-weekly in Tampa, before moving to Bend with his family in 2001.

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Desert vistas

This memorial weekend traffic was especially bad. We knew it would be but wow! People backed up for miles all over-honking, yelling & swearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were violent confrontations. Agree with above comment- can’t appeal to those drivers- they are entitled.


Appeals for more personal responsibility on our roads has been tried for years and failed. The only solution is infrastructure that makes does not allow this type of behavior.

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