Screenshot of a video from the Bend-La Pine Schools on the proposed levy.

Local governments need to trim expenses rather than ask for more in new tax levies and “utility fees.” Many local residents are struggling financially. The Bulletin reported on Feb. 25 that over 33% of 鶹 Oregon residents report spending more than 1/3 of income on rent. That article cited a 2020 analysis by the U.S. Government Accountability Office that found that a $100 increase in rent associates with 9% increase homelessness rate. Why does local government take actions that may increase the rate of homelessness and then spend money with the hopes of reducing homelessness?

Vote NO on the proposed Bend-La Pine School levy that would raise property taxes $1 per $1,000 assessed value. Landlords will pass on their added costs to renters. The school district needs to do more to cut administrative positions that have higher pay.

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The most probable reason people are leaving the west coast is because it's too nice a place to live. People move here because they want to live here. Unfortunately, when housing demand outpaces supply the costs go up, meaning people with money get to stay and those without money have to leave. I'm not saying this is good (I don't think it is) but just because this is a presidential election year doesn't mean everything is due to politics. Other than for extremists, politics plays very little in the choice of where people live (except, maybe, if you're a woman of child-bearing age).

Although a liberal, I spent 20 years working in east Texas and I can certainly state it is not a good place to live. It is hot, humid, flat and the nearest decent wilderness is Big Bend National Park, 550 miles west. Politics has little to do with it being a lousy place for humans to live (but it is great if you're a bug).


Bill, the Bulletin has reported extensively on the information you're requesting.

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