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The Bulletin sign in front of the offices in Bend.

EO Media Group is making substantial changes across the company, including layoffs and reductions in print frequency at several newspapers.

EO Media Group, a fourth-generation, family-held media company, operates 12 newspapers in Oregon and Washington, including The Bulletin and the Redmond Spokesman.

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The Bend paper is useful for local events and stories. However the reprints from the primary MSM news sources reflect false narratives as well as TDS. See the opinion piece on Washington Post from Johnathan Turley today. There is no amount of screaming to people who are analytical with Math and Science backgrounds which recognize many of these false narratives. The bulk of citizens might buy some of what you sell, but many of us think for ourselves. Calculate the odds for example of six states going from hundreds of thousands votes in one direction to the opposite direction overnight. Let me know what you find, it is pretty clear. Meanwhile keep up the good work regarding outdoor activities, about the only reason to read the paper other than the weather forecast.


Very sorry. With attacks on legitimate news sources (not partisan opinionaters) and citizens refusing to pay for a broad range of news, the inevitable will happen. The dumbing down of America. This is how Democracies die.

Best wishes to EO Media. You will continue to have my personal and financial support.

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